Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lady’s Favorite-Pink Barbie P520 Powder-box Cell Phone Dual SIM Touch Screen

Following the appearance of cute hello kitty cell phone, we have not seen the pretty mobile phone which be manufactured specifically for girls a long time. Do not be disappointing about that, ladies. Wholesale electronics manufacturers never forget us. This Barbie P520 cell phone can be used as strong evidence.
This compact pink Barbie P520 cell phone comes with a make-up mirror, which will meet the beauty needs of female. As the appearance of this latest mobile phone, the phone has been designed as powder-box. To users, it is very convenient to carry due to this phone’s small size.

Maybe you doubt such small Barbie P520 phone can not give some functions you want. You will be wrong if you think that. Fortunately, this small phone can support touch screen, 1.3 MP camera function, FM radio, Bluetooth, MP3/MP4 player, supports still image and video capture and so on.


Anonymous said...

i want to buy this phone???

Anonymous said...

why can't it work here in the US? I want one!!!!

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