Thursday, May 7, 2009

The new Nokia 2009 mobile phone exposure

Dec. 7, after Nokia in the "NOKIA World 2008 Conference" on a new flagship-class Nokia N97 in the near future, we have been able to learn about the new Nokia plans to touch the next step. The following picture is said to Nokia in Brooklyn's meeting revealed that although this picture is not really picture plane, but seems to imply that we have a Nokia mobile phone's touch in the future development direction.
From the point of view the future exposure photos of the Nokia smart phone does not seem to touch the current S60 operating system and its interface than the current system in its smart drive on the S60 platform to use the more complex. Of course, the future is the Nokia 2009 mobile phone touch focus on the force for one year prior to the on-line exposure of a range of Nokia's new 2009, Nokia has also aroused a lot of fans.
Nokia plans from the point of view finally began to rival the Apple iPhone, the Nokia 2009 seems to touch on the new machine's design is not simply imitate but to catch up with a comprehensive iPhone. While it is too early, but it is touch in the new interface may be better than Apple's iPhone would also like to be more beautiful.


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