Monday, May 25, 2009

GPX-4000 Gold Detector

The Ultimate Gold Prospecting Metal Detector

This is an entirely new class of gold machine, unlike anything the industry has seen before - incorporating features and benefits unmatched by any detector previously offered to the general public!

To operate effectively and search deep, gold metal detectors have to eliminate mineralized ground signals which vastly exceed the tiny emission from deep gold targets. Only Minelab's patented, Multi-Period Sensing (MPS) and Dual Voltage Technology (DVT) is specifically designed to punch deep for gold; no matter how bad the soil mineralization is. Through a radically new design, Minelab's gold machines are undisputedly recognized as the BEST gold detectors in the world!

New Functions: No other detector gives you more control over performance.

- New Gain - The gain function sets the overall sensitivity level of your detector. In areas where search conditions are mild, you can increase gain. Conversely, decrease gain in mineralized area. Our sophisticated gain control used in combination with other functions such as timing, audio, and ground balance enhance, the performance.
- New Sensitive Timings - With 2 new sensitive option, the GPX-4000 offers dramatically reduced "hot rock" signals and false ground noise in "hot" ground conditions (Smooth Timing), and extra depth on large targets in "mild" ground conditions (Extra Timing).
- New Ground Balance Type - The GPX-4000's new "Specific Ground Balance" mode will make detecting hot grounds easier than ever before; especially when using Mono-Loop coils.
- New Response - Between large nuggets, prospectors also find many small nuggets. The deep large nuggets can be made more audible with the GPX-4000 new response function. By inverting normal target response deeper, larger nuggets will produce a response closer to that of smaller nuggets.
- New Motion - The GPX-4000 will automatically optimize detecting performance based on the GPX-4000's sweep speed set by the operator.
- New Volume Limit - The volume can now be set to reduce loud signals without compromising signal strength.

New Lithium-Ion Battery: Offers the most longevity of any battery.

- Increased full time power compared to conventional batteries
- Operates the GPX-4000 for over 12 hours.
- Robust and lightweight aluminum housing.
- Self-contained intelligent charging system
- Three to four hours rapid charge time from 12v vehicle or AC adaptor.
- Power monitoring on LCD display.

New LCD Function Display: Allows you to select variable settings for key functions.

- Precisely remember settings for future use,
- No More unintentional change of key settings,
- Personal Settings saved automatically on shut down,
- Restore factory presets at any time.
- Improved Control Panel Layout: The most commonly used functions are now conveniently and cleverly located on the front panel for quick and easy access.

Pre-Set Search Modes: Patch Finding, General Searching and Deep-Seeking.

Experienced prospectors know that different search techniques require different advanced settings on the detector. For best results and maximum performance, the GPX-4000 offers three pre-programmed search modes for three common prospecting techniques.
- The GPX-4000 can be customized to your own preferred settings for each technique or search mode.
- Patch finding
- General Detecting
- Deep Detecting


Witho said...

Wow, technologies really are amazing. I'm thinking about water detector, to detect the right spot to dig a well. In here, they use a piece of wood to detect water. Dunno how, but it works. I think technology can explain it later.

Jesica said...

I have this one.
Really great.
Thanks for share.

guY-sir said...

Hello Noman
How ya doin? nice to come at your blog. Good goin'
r u from Karachi.? i too
What's new. Will u view support and join my blog too like i did it as my fellow country man?

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